Our Photo Album

Stanford Vienese Ball 2010


Dave Satre and Barbara Sigler

Mike Hallesy

Jason Loveman & Al Dailey


Jeff Rzepiela

Joyce "The Voice" McCulloch

Ray Nordahl and Randy Smith

Louie Miceli

Vic Cortez

Stan Soroken

Yuval Oren

Ray Nordahl
Stan Soroken Dave Satre J.J. Silva

Willow Glen Concert in The Glen 2010




Louie Miceli

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Campbell Concert on the Green 2006

George & the Brass
Trumpet Section 2006
Jerry Ziss

The 2005 San Jose Jazz Festival

Alan Levenson
The Swing Solution
Dave Satre
Alan Early
Rhythm Section

Art Radford
Our Dynamic Trumpet Duo
Greg Clark
Jon Familant
The Band


The 2004 San Jose Jazz Festival



Campbell Concert on the Green 2004


The Swing Solution 2001


Cuesta Park Concert 2003

The Coconut Grove 2002

Dave Satre

Cuesta Park Concert 2003

Vic Cortez

At the Fairmont

Joyce and the Band

The Saxes

Don Swinging Out Front

More Saxes

Swing 98

Our Promo Photo

97 Promo Photo

96 Promo Photo

The late, great Al Hager

Another picture of Al

Park Dedication

The Rock & the Bottom

Sal Butera


The Voice

Sax Mania

Greg Clark

Double-Bari Formation

Roger Fleming

Joe Maemone

San Jose's Tapestry in Talent festival

Scotts Valley Art & Wine Festival

Trumpet Section

Dave Schultz

Gus Talbot

Jason Loveman

Scotts Valley Art & Wine Festival

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