The History of The Swing Solution

The Swing Solution was first formed in February 1990 under the name The Cupertino Swing Band. Its founder and first leader was Eldred Clark, who had previously started The Serenaders in the late 1960s. The idea was to provide a place for a few good musicians to get together and play the great music of the Swing Era. Eldred led the band until 1993, when Erv Cantwell took over the reins.

The band made a major change in direction in 1994 when Joe Maemone and the late Al Hager became its co-leaders. Joe and Al expanded the band's repertoir to include the music of some of the later big bands, like Stan Kenton, Woody Herman, Count Basie and Brian Setzer. The band also began performing for a series of concerts and television shows. Its reputation began to spread and the band became in great demand for private parties and public occasions.

The band changed its name to The Swing Solution in 1995. The band is organized as a cooperative band, there is no owner or leader and the many aspects of the band, ranging from selecting the music, handling the equipment, business management and marketing are handled by the members themselves.

There aren't many bands where one member calls out the tunes, another counts off the tempos and a third cuts the band off at the end of a chart, but it works in this band because of the musicianship, dedication and cooperation of its players.

The band is now unquestionably one of the best of the Bay Area big bands. The band is looking forward to many more years of playing this wonderful swing music for its fans and the dancers of the area.

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