Vic Cortez

Vic Cortez was one of the band's favorite subs since 1998 and joined The Swing Solution full time at the start of 2001. Vic's a great tenor soloist and he's well-known throughout the Bay Area. He's also featured on vocals, his Sinatra-like style is always a great crowd pleaser.

Vic has played in Silicon Valley night clubs and big bands for more than 25 years. He's played with just about everybody, including a lot of the area's earlier big bands, like Stephan Paul, Memo Mata, George Barry, Johnny Vaughn, Johnny Lampson and Buddy King. He also played with the Vernon Brooks, Joe Escobar and Cauldillo Latin bands.

The clubs he's played include many of the area's earlier nightclubs, like The Safai Room, The Magic Carpet Room, Villa Felice, the Golden Horn, The Galaxie, Cameo Club, The Cottage, The Swahili Club and the Riverside in Santa Cruz.

Current bands Vic's played with include Millenium 2000, The Lyratones, Mike Sloane, The Serenaders, The Metro Band, The Sultans of Swing and the Christina Ferrari Swing Society.

Vic recently played in the horn line with the Tower of Power band, where his son, Jerry, plays guitar

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