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Why Hire the Swing Solution?

The Swing Solution is available for a wide variety of events, ranging from providing the entertainment for official functions and festivals to playing concerts in the park. We've played weddings and anniversay parties in some of the area's finest hotels, mansions and country clubs, and we promise we can make your corporate party something special.

Our lively music appeals to both the young and the old, and a big band dressed in tuxedos will add a touch of class, as well as nostalgia, to your celebration. Your guests will remember the music long after they've forgotten the meal!

The Swing Solution's music represents the very best of the big bands. We play the biggest hits of the Swing Era, from bands like Glen Miller and Tommy Dorsey, to the best of the later bands, like Harry James, Kenton, Billy May, Count Basie and Brian Setzer. Nobody plays swing like we do, and if you like to Lindy or jitterbug, we'll party with you all night long.

We also foxtrot with the best of 'em and we play all of the great ballroom dances, including cha chas and mambos as well as waltzes and a good mix of the great ballads. With this band, if you don't feel like dancing, or just want to sit one out, it's always great to just kick back and listen to the music.

The Swing Solution has an extensive library of more than 1,000 arrangements, so look over our current play list when you hire the band. If your favorite tune isn't there, check with Dave Satre at 408-264-4201 or e-mail us and we'll dig deeper into our vaults and do our best to see if we can find what you want.

Check with Dave Satre to find out more information about hiring the band. You will be amazed at how affordable the band can be, and Dave may even be able to give you additional advice on planning your event and choosing a location or caterer.

Call Dave Satre at 408-264-4201
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