Larry McGowan

Larry plays trumpet and flugelhorn with The Swing Solution. He joined the band full-time in early 2001, after subbing with the group for about two years. Like a lot of Bay Area musicians, Larry is a "comeback player", one who was quite active as a musician in his youth and played for about 14 years before graduating from college in 1965. He played trumpet and "a bit of vibraphone" in several big bands and combo jazz groups and was in the Seattle World's Fair Band in 1962, which he describes as "one heck of a party and a great experience."

He's been back in the music world since the early nineties and is quite active in the Bay Area scene. He plays regularly in the Santa Clara University Jazz Ensemble, the Saratoga Symphony, the Nova Vista Symphony, and the San Jose Lyric Theatre Gilbert & Sullivan Orchestra in addition to The Swing Solution.

Larry's a retired software development manager in "real life" and he loves to play golf.

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