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Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theme

Retro Swing

Ultimate Jump Swing - Les Brown's theme song

Classic Ellington Swing

Louis Prima's Quintessential Swing Tune

If It Don't Swing!

Joyce Swings Hard

A Foxtrot With a Message

Speak Latin

A Late Night Ballad

Hug Your Honey and Slow Dance to this One!

Swinging Basie Style

Feelin' Latin

Quick Foxtrot

Swinging Fast

Real Audio and .au Format Sound Clips

These 30 - 50 second samples require a RealAudio Player.

The RealAudio samples will load faster than the .au format ones. To download a free RealAudio Player CLICK HERE

Leap Frog - will get you jumping!
American Patrol - the Glenn Miller classic
Cha Cha for Judy - for all of the Arthur Murray fans!
When I Fall In Love - featuring Joyce in a warm and tender mood
Tangerine - the Vitamin C is good for you!
That's All - that's all she wrote!

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